Wooden windows EURO IV 68

Wooden windows euro IV 68 is one of the most popular window systems in Poland with a long tradition. They are easy to use and maintain.

We manufacture IV 68 windows from various types of wood, in any shapes and colours.
To match the windows to the style of the building, we will equip them with the Georgian bars and mouldings on cover mould and transom. Frames and sashes may be of two profiles: ‘Classic’ or ‘Retro’. It is possible to mount a wooden drip cap. Due to this they might be used in both traditional and historical buildings. 

Fittings and glass can be supplemented or modified, thus achieving the desired parameters: increasing the comfort of use and increasing the anti-burglary and sound protection.


  • optimal structural stability,
  • long-term resistance to atmospheric conditions,
  • rich window styling option,
  • attractive price.

Window IV 68 construction:

  • profile thickness: 68mm,
  • high quality multilayer timber,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system,
  • double or triple glazing unit Ug= 1,1- 0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI,
  • three weatherseals,
  • aluminum drip at the bottom leaf,
  • aluminum drip with thermal insulation at the bottom frame.
Standard equipment
Optional equipment