French windows

Windows dedicated to the French market with a characteristic, traditional drainage and wooden drip.

French windows are made of various types of wood, in any shapes, colours and three thicknesses: 68, 78, 92mm.

A characteristic, unique feature of this construction is the widening of the lower part of the frame and traditional drainage running across it. 
On the French market, single-frame windows with a wooden drip are also popular, which you will also find in our offer

Fittings and glass can be supplemented or modified, thus achieving the desired parameters: increasing the comfort of use and increasing the sound and anti-burglary protection.

French window construction:

  • profile thickness: 68, 78, 92mm,
  • high quality multilayer timber,
  • Remmers &Gori 4-coat painting system,
  • double or triple glazing unit Ug= 1,1- 0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI,
  • three weatherseals,
  • traditional bottom frame extension,
  • traditional drainage system.
Standard equipment

Profile thickness

  • frame/leaf thickness: 68mm, 78mm, 92mm.


  • pine, hardwood, other.

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Surface coating

  • micro porous paint or stain coating system,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system.

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  • double or triple glazed unit 24-48mm,
  • Uw=1,1 - 0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI.

Hardware system

  • MACO,
  • microventilation,
  • mishandling device.


  • HOPPE Luxemburg Secustic,
  • Material: aluminium,
  • standard colours: satin chrome, old gold, white, dark brown.
Optional equipment

Hardware system

  • high level of security class RC2,
  • restrictors,
  • balcony door catch,
  • fanlight opener,
  • hidden hinges.

Special glazing

  • ESG, VSG,
  • ornamental glass, stained glass.

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Bars type

  • astragal bars 24mm with aluminum or plastic duplex,
  • structural bars,
  • stained glass.


  • HOPPE handle with the key Secu100®,
  • Other option upon customer’s request.

Other options/additional elements

  • decorative mouldings (transom, mullion),
  • internal timber window boards,
  • external aluminum window boards,
  • trickle vents.

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