Aluminum clad gemini classic windows

GEMINI aluminum-clad windows are modern constructions combining the beauty of wood and the durability of aluminum.

Aluminum-clad windows are based on three basic profiles: IV 68, 78 and 92mm. Aluminum cladding is placed on the outside to protect wood against adverse weather conditions. The wide range of design and colours of aluminum cladding enable perfect matching of windows to the building facade.

The assembly of the aluminum cladding allows the use of thicker, warmer glass packages (Ug = 0.7-05 W / m2K). Due to this the aluminum -clad windows are highly energy-saving constructions.

Alu Clad Window construction:

  • profile thickness: 68, 78,92mm,
  • high quality multilayer timber,
  • aluminum cladding,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system,
  • energy efficient glazing unit Ug= 1,1- 0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI,
  • weatherseals.
Okno drewniano - aluminiowe - Producent Eurostyl
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Classic
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Soft Line
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Linear
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Quadrat FB
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Quadrat
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Integral Producent Eurostyl
Okna drewniano - aluminiowe Gemini Retro
Standard equipment

Profile thickness

  • frame/leaf: 68mm, 78mm, 92mm.


  • pine, hardwood, other.

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Surface coating

  • micro porous paint or stain coating system,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system.

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Aluminum cladding

  • colour chart: ALURON Standard.

Opening types

  • open IN,
  • tilt, turn, tilt&turn, dummy sashes, direct glazed fixed in frame.


  • double or triple glazed unit 24-48mm,
  • Uw=1,1 - 0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI.

Hardware system

  • MACO,
  • mishandling device,
  • microventilation.


  • HOPPE Luxemburg Secustic,
  • Material: aluminum,
  • standard colours: white, old gold, satin chrome, brown.
Optional equipment

Aluminium cladding options

  • Soft line,
  • Retro
  • Linear,
  • Quadrat,
  • Quadrat FB

Aluminum cladding colours

RAL or NCS colours:


Colour palette ALURON ACC2:

  • ALURON RAL MAT - colour palette ALURON RAL STANDARD- MAT gloss level
  • ALURON METALLIC FS - architectural, metallized colors in a fine structure version
  • ALURON RAL FS - colour palette ALURON RAL STANDARD-fine structure 
  • ALURON DECOR MAT - wood and brown imitation on the aluminum surface, MAT gloss level:


Hardware system

  • high level of security class RC2
  • restrictors,
  • balcony door catch,
  • fanlight opener,
  • hidden hinges.

Szyby specjalne

  • ESG, VSG, 
  • ornamental glass, stained glass.

More information


  • other options available upon customer’s request,
  • handle with a buton,
  • handle with a key.

Other options/additional elements

  • internal wooden window boards,
  • external aluminum window boards,
  • windows boards grooves.

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