Stylised and historical doors

We have been making stylised woodwork for over 20 years. We restore windows, doors and gates according to historical photos and drawings. We also carry out minor renovation works.

The combination of modern technologies and huge carpentry skills of our employees enables us to work in historical buildings and precisely recreate the smallest details. We work with proven suppliers of wooden decorations and historical fittings from Poland and abroad.

In our offer of stylised doors you will find doors in frame and panel construction as well as gates, the structures of which are agreed individually with the investor, architect or restorer of monuments.

Stylised doors may contain:

  • decorative panels filled with thermal insulation material,
  • decorative slats,
  • stylised wooden decorations,
  • stained glass, ornamental and sandblasted glass, leaded patterns,
  • stylised door handles, pull handles and other door accessories,
  • forged elements (gratings, ornaments).