Modern english doors

In our offer of English doors you will also find modern English doors (Contemporary Front Doors).

Modern English doors are characterized by a warm wooden leaf filled with PU thermal insulation material. The leaves can be milled and styled with decorative mouldings. The glazing has a toughened glass. They can also be equipped with ornaments and stained glass.

Regardless of the style, each of our doors is equipped with a 5-mulitpoint locking system by the German company FUHR, solid MACO hinges adjustable in 3 planes and the Exitex threshold. We can supplement and modify fittings and glass, which allows us to make doors tailored to your individual needs.

Contemporary insulated front doors construction:

  • hardwood frame- 90mm,
  • leaf thickness- 58mm,
  • EXITEX threshold,
  • QLON SCHLEGEL weatherseal,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system.

Benefits/ Advantages:

  • perfect match with the building style,
  • wide range of models, individual design option,
  • long-term resistance to atmospheric conditions,
  • high stability and resistance to the leaf’s deformation,
  • door leaf filled with PU thermal insulation material
  • high level of security
Standard equipment
Optional equipment