Tilt and slide doors PSK

The PSK balcony is a sliding structure with a high threshold and the option of tilting the sash.

The PSK balcony system is a functional solution for balcony and terrace glazing, also for small rooms. Thanks to MACO's durable semi-automatic fittings, use is simple and does not require the use of much force. Tilting the sash allows comfortable ventilation and is done in the same way as in traditional windows. You can choose different colours of door handles and covers masking the lower rail.


  • excellent structural stability,
  • when opening, the sashes do not occupy the space inside the room,
  • maximum space utilisation,
  • several opening combinations,
  • the possibility of tilting the sliding sash, which facilitates the ventilation of rooms,
  • high comfort of use without much effort,
  • possibility of using an aluminium clad.
Standard equipment

Szerokość profilu

  • 68mm, 78mm, 92mm.


  • MACO,
  • Material: Aluminum,
  • standard colours: satin chrome, old gold, white, black-brown

Mounting caps and cover for rail drives

  • standard colours: white, cream, satin chrome, old gold, black-brown.


  • Uw=1,1 W/m2K, Uw=0,7W/m2K, Uw=0,5 W/m2K,
  • warm edge TGI.


  • pine, hardwood, other.

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Surface cloating

  • micro porous paint or stain coating system,
  • REMMES 4-coat painting system.

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Optional equipment

Special glazing

  • VSG, ESG.

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Bars types

  • astragal bars 24mm with aluminum or plastic duplex,
  • structural bars.

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  • handle with a key.

Aluminum cladding

  • possibility of using aluminum clad and energy-efficient triple glazed unit Ug= 0,7-0,5 W/m2K.

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