Balcony folding door Bi-fold

Folding balconies are constructions most frequently found in Great Britain and Southern European countries.

Bi-fold balconies are characterised by an innovative opening system that guarantees an amazing effect of open space. Complete sliding of the sashes optically enlarges the interior and ensures uninterrupted contact with nature. Thanks to perfectly matched BRIO fittings, their manning is a child's play. 

Folding systems are used in private homes and public facilities. We also meet them inside buildings in order to separate two parts of the room.


  • wide selection of opening patterns,
  • possibility of having an access door with handle and barrel,
  • small amount of space needed to slide the sashes,
  • high comfort of use without much effort.
Standard equipment


  • fame 140mm,
  • leaf 58mm.


  • aluminium threshold

Hardware system

  • BRIO system,
  • hardware colour: brass, satin chrome, polished chrome, black


  • standard colours: brass, satin chrome, polished chrome, black


  • double glazed unit 24mm, Uw= 1,1,W/m2K,
  • warm spacer TGI.


  • pine, meranti, other.

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Surface coating

  • micro porous paint or stain coating system,
  • REMMERS 4-coat painting system.

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Optional equipment


  • timber threshold

Hardware system

  • leaf magnets

Optional glazing

  • VSG, ESG,
  • ornamental glazing, stained glazing.

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Bars types

  • astragal bars 20mm or 24mm with aluminum or plastic duplex,
  • structural bars.

Other options/additional elements

  • trickle vents with head drip or external plastic canopy,
  • raised and fielded wooden panels 46mm or flat panels 24mm.