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EU Projects

Below you will find some of the most important EU projects implemented by our company.

EU project No. 1

Increasing the competitiveness of Eurostyl by launching a new, energy-saving window, due to the expansion of the machine park and purchase of real estate.

EU project No. 2

Increasing the competitiveness of Eurostyl by modernizing the machine park and introducing an innovative passive window to the offer.

EU project No. 3

Purchase of research and development service by Eurostyl Sp. z o.o. associated with the development of material-saving technology for the production of wooden windows dedicated to energy-saving construction.

EU project No. 4

Implementation at Eurostyl Sp. z o.o. results of the research and development work on the creation of automated and highly efficient technology for the production of Sliding Sash Windows.

EU project No. 5 - Lokalna Grupa Działania Dolina Soły

Increase in the competitiveness of Eurostyl Sp. z o.o. by purchasing an automated transport line to the paint shop.

EU project No. 6

Strengthening the international activity of Eurostyl sp.z o.o., thanks to the development and implementation of comprehensive pro-export activities on the Irish and Austrian markets.